More and more users requested other ways of reaching the ARA community and I’ve finally given in !

Until now, the only way of getting in touch was through IRC and I understand that, in 2017, IRC is not for everyone.

Seamless communication across IRC, Slack and Discord

That’s right, you can now reach us through Slack and Discord. Both are linked to IRC so messages sent to one will be relayed automatically to the others.

  • To join us on Slack, use this invitation
  • To join us on Discord, use this invitation (With over 30 people in the ARA slack and none in the Discord, we discontinued it.)

To join us on IRC, you’ll find us in the #ara channel of the freenode server. A web chat application to connect to IRC is available here.

On Reddit

When I’m not discussing Ansible or answering questions about it in /r/ansible, you might come across noteworthy announcements about ARA that I post there.

There’s a lot of discussion around ARA on /r/ansible and I will never get used to users recommending other users that they use ARA, it’s pretty awesome.

On Twitter (new!)

You might have been following me on Twitter (@dmsimard) to keep up with updates I post about ARA’s developments or new announcements.

That’s cool but in case you’d like a curated feed that contains only worthwhile updates about things relevant to Ansible and ARA, the new account to follow is @ara_community.

Other things

No, I’m not going to stand up a WhatsApp, a Snapchat, an Instagram and a Facebook page :)

This is the best you’ve got for now !

Thanks for reading and see you online !